With this collection of knobheads in political power? Anything is possible. The one threat Obama made, he would shoot Israeli planes down. An America president is telling a leader of Israel not to reveal the details of a nuclear treaty with Iran while he’s aiding the enemy of Israel. That sounds to much like selling out your friends and paying your enemies. A lot of ethnic areas in the US may be under attack soon. The prelude to …. Ferfall Days ahead. I might have to give up my idea of Airstream bo. lol

Plan C – comfort relocation …. bites the dust.

Don’t give up on the Airstream yet, it all comes down to timing and location. Leave at the right time, you have all your stuff and aren’t trying to make a wikiup in the snow.

Its all comfort relocation.
Its more comfortable in a family members spare room, in an Airstream, outside a war zone, having cash in hand, rather than the alternatives.

That Airstream may mean the difference between a roof over your head and rain/snow. The difference between being a traveller and a refugee.

Remember the 5 “P’s”.
Prior planning prevents poor performance.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather have hitched up the trailer a week early and be sitting in a lawn chair next to a lake, than be trying to hoof it out of a traffic jam.
Early enough in the crisis, you can still get out.

Friends of mine took bugging out to a whole new level.
They saw the reports, went out and rented two of the biggest uhauls.
Spent two days packing and paid the neighbor kids a couple hundred each to load the trucks. They beat the lines out by a day, gas was still available, and they had every last thing they owned with them, but the house, which was destroyed.

Heed the warning signs.