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Toby C,

Your last response helps immensely….

EDC: Usually around $100-$150 for a good folder. I have a few $50 folders, but they don’t hold up as well as a good Benchmade. Mine is a model 581 around $230 retail.

Neck: I get by with $12 Morakniv for most things, but mostly use either $130-$180 Helle or my $400 Adventure Sworn. For daily use necker (running around the house or town), I do have a couple $100 customs that are about the size of trout/bird/patch knives. I have a Skookum Bushtool on order that will probably become my go-to neck knife. The SBT is a 4 year wait and around $250-$300 or $600 if you find one for sale used.

Chopper/Bushcrafting: I have a Matt Paul custom that was $560 and the Adventure Sworn around $400. I also have a Wolf Creek Forge that is around $250-$300 that I keep in my truck and carry when backpacking. Got a couple Condors that I don’t recommend except for entry level use and a couple Ka-bar Beckers that I gave to my son at around $100-$150. The Beckers are good midrange bushcrafters.

Field: EESE – $130-$200 depending on model. Don’t get an Ontario RAT clone. Junk compared to an actual EESE. I also carry a current issue style Ka-bar in my truck for diving/field/BOB purposes.

This should give you a better, purpose versus price comparison.