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Again, what were you wanting to use the knife for?

Morakniv, particularly the Classics, are great neck knives. Just make yourself a different sheath. They do feather/fuzz sticks really well, sharpen up quickly through stropping on the back of a leather belt, and are carbon steel so you can square off the spine and get sparks really easily. There are few knives better for this type use….

If you want to baton and do heavy bush work, I suggest a custom. Scandi grinds are great if you plan on doing much wood working. Convex make great choppers. Just get good tool steel for either one. If you don’t want to pay for a custom, you can get a good quality Scandi grind for wood/camp/basic fire prep in a Helle knife line like the Viking, Temagami, or Odel models. They are essentially better quality Moraknives that can take a lot more beating and some moderate batoning. They are full tang, but are hidden so there are weak points.

For fighting knives, I like EESE or old school Ka-bar USMC knives. The EESE Junglas is a great, large knife that can be used for chopping and fighting purposes. The EESE-4 is a good sized, fixed blade that is also a good field/fighting knife. IMO……

Hunting? S30V steel drop point Gerbers are good and have a good grind that allow for gutting and skinning in a single knife. They are a little lacking in boning, but the Morakniv Classic does that fairly well.

These suggestions help?

Lastly, I have paid as much as $560 for a custom Matt Paul and as little as $12 for a Morakniv. It all really goes back to what are you wanting to use the knife for and then I can give you a good range.