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You know, when I worked at that night shift job, I had a conversation with a guy on the factory floor about this. It began when he told me tier 2 union employees actually get better % on 401k as compensation for lower pay, etc. I told him that doesn’t help me, b/c I would never put money in a 401k.

He was surprised and attempted to tell me why it is best to do so. I told him I understand that it IS a good move… for now. He couldn’t help but be extremely curious as to why I wouldn’t. So I caved in and told him what was coming down the pipeline from ol’ Uncle Sam. He believed it, actually, but told other workers and soon they were all telling me I was being paranoid. I didn’t bother defending my point, I just told ‘em everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I am wondering if it is now that they’re realizing that I was right?

Once a monetary crisis gets rolling, they will force the ‘MyRA’ plan. Right now, it is optional. It won’t be for long.