Statistics showed there had been 4 325 fires between December and January.

The severe fire saw Local Government MEC Anton Bredell call in reinforcements on Monday. An additional 250 firemen were set to join the ranks on the frontline, with the first team on the ground by yesterday afternoon.
Fires in Tulbagh Valley, the Winterhoek Mountains and Betty’s Bay have severely stretched the province’s fire service.
“The idea is to stabilise the situation across the province. The teams will be deployed to all the affected areas and will provide welcome assistance to the teams that have been on the ground over the past few days.”
JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and security, said there were 97 metro firefighters, 28 firefighting vehicles, 18 support vehicles and four helicopters battling the blaze on Monday. Working on Fire, a volunteer firefighter organisation, had a further 50 people on the ground and two fixed-wing aircraft in the sky.
“The focus of the firefighting efforts right now is on the protection of properties on the urban fringe and the firefighters on the ground are working all out. Fortunately, the wind has subsided somewhat, so that is a welcome relief. At this stage we have not established the cause of the fire, but that is a secondary concern. Right now the priority is protecting lives and property.”

Five helicopters, including two water bombers, one spotter and a helicopter from the Department of Defence, have been up in the air since Sunday, trying to contain a fire, said Table Mountain National Park.