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Dogs help in a rural setting. We use a 6-7 ft. fence for farm compound perimeter with 4 livestock guardian dogs including 3 Ovcharkas. We always keep one or two in the house at night at a couple in the yard. Even with a silencer you are going to hear some serious noise if anyone tries to take down the dogs; lots of yelping. If they did not shoot the dogs they would be too busy trying to get away to do any damage as the dogs would make short work of them. Most livestock guardian dogs will not take food from strangers so they can’t be poisoned; they are better than mechanical systems. It does take a strong personality to handle livestock guardian dogs, but if you can handle them they are an excellent asset.

If you can not handle livestock guardian dogs, even a few little ankle biter dogs that bark at strangers will do the trick in alerting you to danger; even the Navy Seals overseas were thwarted on sneaking up on places by dogs barking.