http://www.issafrica.org/iss-today/south-africas-efforts-to-collect-and-destroy-firearms-losing-the-battle-but-winning-the-war” title=”South Africa’s efforts to collect and destroy firearms“>

‘Good’ thing about crime being bad means most houses have got burglar bars and high walls with electric fence on top. People might not easily notice if you upgrade your security with more spikes and razor wire.

For more than ten years we have been exposed to crime. People telling us how they got tied up and robbed. People get shot during shopping center robberies. Every month people strike and loot shops. They burn tyres and throw stones at vehicles and the police

. I could guess and say most people living in Gauteng are used to a certain amount off the stress involved with the environment being dangerous. You listen to the news and avoid that road for a few days.
You help your employees during a strike with transport, making sure they do not wear uniforms and try to keep them safe. You simply make a plan to make sure your business survive. Somehow we cope and work hard and keep the economy going.

We’ve got ‘normal’ lives. We learn skills and gain knowledge and learn to trust the feeling when you know something is not right. You put your shoes next to your bed. Your flashlight, your phone, your keys. You keep the doors locked and the keys safe. I put different color rubber fitting over the keys to mark them and it helps to prevent it from making too much noise.

We do have vegetable gardens and are allowed to keep chickens. We can prepare for a complete collapse with water tanks and solar panels. But you need to be careful. Like the rest of the world it is easy to be frowned upon. We are not allowed to keep ammunition in bulk.
You will be declared right wing and thrown in jail until proven innocent. Keeping extra money in your safe with spare batteries and food in a truck instead of your kitchen cabinet, will simply add certain people’s suspicion.

Blend in with the rest for the main reason – to be left at peace in your own little world. That would mean not to speak up. Not to stand out or attract any attention.

To learn survival skills and practice, is safer than to keep a lot off tin food. Learning survival skills to protect your family and to feed them. It is important not to be seen as a threat for the government, while you are simply preparing to survive an economic collapse.

That is also why it would be safer for me not to mention that I do believe to fight back while being attacked. My friends train often in hand to hand combat. We enjoy teaching children to protect themselves. Some friends are instructors.
We share our accomplishments with each other and try to learn from each other on all subjects. From veterinary skills to plumbing. Practicing survival as a hobby and lifestyle.

Many people have left the country over the years. It is easy to get into our country, but difficult to leave. You need a lot of money and very good qualifications. Not only do we love South Africa, we love our people. We love our food.

Many of the favorite foods like biltong (beef jerky) and rusks have been enjoyed for generations and is excellent survival food. South Africa is warm and sunny. I know the plants in most areas. Surviving in a new country not knowing the plants or the area might be a hard challenge. It is a big decision, looking at the world news, trying to predict which country might not be attacked. Many places in South Africa are still very safe with crime rates being fairly low.

We are hopeful to move out of the city soon. And that the war hungry people will leave us alone.