Decent video.

Few things, nobody runs 8 mags for long outside a war zone or a class.
On our heaviest call outs I ran 4 spare mags, my Sgt ran 6 on a plate carrier but dropped to 4 when the temps hit 100+f.
Normally 2 spare mags were plenty.

Yup keep all the junk off your rifle.

Unboxing ammo? Only if its all the same case lot. If something does go wrong, which batch did it come from?

Dump pouches? Great. Dont put em in front. Going prone becomes painful. And if it gets really full and is low as it should be, it can hit things when you run.

My last “tactical” class I put on, I ran a 5-11 Push-pack with 2 spare mags and 2 spare pistol mags.

The previous class, a ‘practical’ class, I used the two AR mags stuck in my jeans pockets and the two spare handgun mags on my belt.

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