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Toby that is a very good point. I grew up in the south and had never dealt with ice and snow. When I was 19 I moved to Oklahoma. The first good snow we had I went to the walmart parking lot at about 2 am (this was before they were 24 hrs). I spent about an hour driving and braking on the snow and ice, putting myself into spins and what not. I will admit it was initially for fun but it payed off. About a week later i was in my delivery truck which had about 8k lbs of batteries in it and lost traction coming down a long gentle hill leading to a stop light. I started honking my horn and managed to keep the truck from turning sidways and flipping. About the time I got to the red light i got the truck straightened out and drifted into the intersection. People heard me honking and had not proceeded when their light turned green. I waved and just kept right on driving lol. Practice always helps.