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Their theory is that if you can convince people that technology is improving the survival rate they don’t need to produce bumper crops of children every year in the third world.

The CO2 is his metaphor. He wants to reduce population growth to ZERO. CO2 to 1900 levels now.

This all started with the Green Revolution the 1940s . The do Gooders (unfortunately Americans) saved the world from scarcity and….famine disease parasites bugs Nazis.

Wonderful ….Right? NoNoNo. A terrible terrible mistake.

You bet if Gates had invented a doomsday virus instead of the PC he would be a lot happier today.

In his mind he’s trying to help us. He’s a Georgia Guidestone disciple. Leave room for nature. 500 million. He’s not into eugenics. He’s into balance. But alas that has consequences.