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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>Personally I’m very hesitant when looking at this type of post.

Looking back just a few years, one can look at doomsday prepper Tyler Smith and his plans of raiding his neighbors and taking their preps.

So are we looking at places to rob, take over or just squat in/on?

No looking for places to avoid. The wealthy draw apex predators like flys. I watched that DP episode. He Smith was rather amoral but he seemed to think after a crash preppers would prey on other preppers and he would be the last prepper standing. Of course I didn’t know he was prohibited from owning a gun. He wasn’t wearing an orange jump suit was he. It was surmised very quickly he would draw the authorities and be taken out one way or the other. He would attract people to his gang as the crash initiated itself (like now) and probably informers ( a lot of cop informers). His group would end up as the Army of Nathan Holn (The Postman) or all dead in the partisan war that follows the Big Crunch. Needless to say the well off elite prepper would avoid him like the plague. I don’t want to give a bunch of clues to well off prepper havens …. lol. So i’ll stop here.