Unfortunately, not everyone can even locate likeminded people, nor have the $ to prep properly. We know we don’t have much of a chance. I am 72, in good health but not as strong as I used to be. My husband, while very intelligent and skilled, knowledgable about security/reloading/firearms etc–is a double amputee. So we are not the ‘first choice’ of anyone’s group. IF we could even find one…closer than an hour away by car. We do have one friend/couple with a small farm (5 acres) 5 miles away, but if things get really bad really quickly, we may not be able to get there.

We live on a small lot on the edge of a small city (25,000+) with rural land about 2 blocks away. Have a small veggie garden, planting berries this spring and maybe an apple tree. Can have chickens. Stocking up our pantry. And ammo. But the house has huge windows, poor tottering fence, and the neighborhood is iffy. Not secure by any means.

The upshot is, we just do the best we can, store as much as we can afford, and as my husband says: Take an honor guard with you when you go….

And, trust in God. Even if we die, that is not the end of our existence.