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Thanks! Actually reconsidering everything, you are right, and maybe I’m urging things without the need to. For a short term, we will pull off, and actually I have a decent EDC pack which bailed me out abroad, too. I’m more concerned about my family:) but I will continue to prepare by myself, if I have to.
I could pinpoint what set off my panic. Just last weekend, when I was selling my jewelry on the marketplace, a man (seemingly quite well-off) came to me. He bought all my silver necklaces, some of my rings, and he said while they were beautiful, and he valued my handiwork, he chose them because of the weight of the silver. He said he needed them for trading off for food and tools later. After that, and getting another workload on CP, I got scared a bit… Now I’m a bit more relaxed. Thanks for the help!

"just a little girl"