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MountainBiker, that what I think. With the Ukrainian problems nearby, and an economical disaster at our hands, I really cannot understand why I’m the freak and way too obsessed with my job for pointing this out. But gramps think it won’t happen again under this leadership, my aunt is too optimistic about their possibilities, and my father think they can keep order if SHTF. Well, my mom and I see the humans and not the institute, and since we had to work out an emergency plan for every possibilities, and interact with the volunteers, military, and firefighters, we know that even if everybody tries to work hard, there are simply not enough resources, and in some scenarios, there isn’t a good solution. We are too close to a nuclear plant (and there is another one not far away), some part of the city was a swamp (even the part where we live), close to factories etc.
Minor example, but two years ago, on the spring, was a snow emergency in the whole country. I volunteered then, too, and I was surprised with the sheer amount of people who (after advisories, no less!) took the road without a bit of food, a blanked, a torch or even a bottle of tea in the car. We had to supply nappies, buckloads of them! Several parents didn’t think to pack even one, or some toys for the children! No joke, I had to canvass from door to door nearby the shelter, since we couldn’t reach the bigger stores, and the neighbouring small ones were robbed bare after the first day. Some places were without electricity. We pulled through, by the way, and gave out some food, blankets etc, but I was rather surprised by the volume of the people who didn’t think this through. We are experiencing snow days now. I won’t like to reenact everything from then, especially since I have to take care of my own district. Floods are expected after a winter like this, too.
Sometimes, I just want to give up.

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