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Prepped up my beeswax candle collection. From Amazon I got a 3 candle camping lantern, a Uco Chandelier. Its kind of nice for a somewhat larger tent and puts out a bit of heat. We have an extensive tent collection. Out shopping in walmart I also noticed a 100 hour parafin emergency lamp by sterno. Great for a bathroom in a power outage or anywhere, not that i anticipate any soon although it has been cold and a large snowstorm could arrive anytime. The Ny Juno monster bypassed us completely.
Another item added was a white ballistic nylon military backpack to replace my outdated camo day back. The idea being to blend in a little better out in the woods while hiking and skiing. It has the three front outside pockets that make life easy. Its even large enough to put in a kevlar pad for bullet protection. Not that there are a lot of people out and about in this weather and the bears are all hibernating.