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74, the most frustrating thing is, some of my friends are in the military or law enforcement, and while it is a government recommendation for them to keep BOBs and stocks (which, as most of them are even volunteers in civil protection, etc., should be a base line fo follow), they just laugh at it. And while I lived by myself, in a small apartment, I already experienced that they are coming to me for something (well, most of the times, herbal medicine), and it is really hard to turn them down. Which is exactly why I am borderline happy about living at home again, and in the case of SHTF, not having to deal with them. I might even leave them to my pet boxer:D

Freedom, thanks, problem is, it is really hard to acquire a weapon here for civilian personnel, and I might not be able to do at all, since I have quite thick glasses, and I’m a female… but you are right. While not many people know about exactly how much did I store in my old apartment, or how much we store now at home, I still think there will be many who want to dip into our stock. We cannot really hide the storage (shelves next to the narrow stairs leading to the upper floor, which would meen not enough space for covering doors or panels on them, and a small pantry which most of our guests enter by mistake, since it is next to the actual exit of our house), and we have a small garden and a pen for the rabbits, both is highly visible from the house and the parlor. Even the nut tree is something most of our neighbours envy, and someone actually tried to broke into the workshop behind the parlor. The worst thing that my father can be very generous with his friends, and I am afraid that our stock would wane soon…

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