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A shared cultural destiny? I sure hope not. Where I live there is zero cultural overlap with Mexico nor is there any desire for cultural overlap with Mexico. Has anyone told Soros that Mexico is a failed State?

Meanwhile in Vermont we’re under attack by that other nasty billionaire, Bloomberg, who is running misleading and untruthful ads in VT saying thousands of guns are being sold here to felons because private gun sales are unregulated. Our Statehouse is under assault by the highest paid lobbyists in the State, paid for by Bloomberg’s group. The FBI says Vermont is the 45th lowest source of illegal guns in the nation but Bloomberg would have the public thinking we’re practically the #1 source. You may recall his sting operations in other States when he was Mayor of NYC? Well here in VT his people borrowed the name and logo of a legitimate gun dealer (for whom any sale would be run through a background check per Federal law) and tried attracting felons looking to make purchases without background checks. I believe that gun store is preparing a lawsuit against Bloomberg’s group for having sullied their name that way. I spent Tuesday at the Statehouse for a rally against Bloomberg’s proposed legislation. I have 3 State Senators and 2 State Representatives and spoke with 3 of them. One of the Senators told me Bloomberg doesn’t have the votes so it looks like he will fail, but the question then is will he give up on VT and move on elsewhere or will he be back. As I understand it, all 5 of my Senators/Reps will vote no, including the Democrat. Bloomberg will be defeated here because most of the population is rural or small town. In last autumns elections there were 3 legislators that pushed anti-gun legislation last year that got voted out of office because of it. I am told VT has a 70% gun ownership rate which is pretty impressive given it is a majority Democrat State by a pretty good margin. Armed liberals in a solidly blue State with virtually no gun laws and the lowest violent crime rate in the nation is not a notion Bloomberg wants to spread. We absolutely do not fit the narrative, and he’s spending big bucks to change it. Sorry for the thread drift, but these billionaires are out of control.