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freedom, the poor try to get laws changed to suit themselves too. They just use different and usually much messier means than the rich.

I’ve known some wealthy folks, both inherited and self made, who have been mighty fine folks who are generous with their time and money to the community. One couple I know whose wealth was largely tied up in the business that they had grown left millions of dollars on the table when they wanted to retire. They knew if they sold the company to a competitor most of the local jobs would be lost in the ensuing consolidation. They instead did an ESOP, which is selling the company to the employees. They never said a word to the employees what the deal cost them. Wealth in and of itself does not make someone a bad person. Some are bad, but so isn’t that the case with some poor people too. Good and bad come in all flavors.

Come SHTF in a way that the old world isn’t coming back, none of my energy will be given over to pursuing any real or perceived grievances. My focus will be taking care of me and mine and to the extent I can some neighbors and friends.

The rich only concern me to the extent they may know things I don’t have access to and so I am interested in what kinds of bolt hole plans they may have.