<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Tolik wrote:</div>Unless its a nuclear war , that is what is happening , the slow creeping collapse , the crative ways of keeping the artery from blowing will eventually fail , but continue to keep the downhill run with a few brakes still working ……..only a matter of time tho .

As to the question who else ? do you really need to ask that ?<br>
Anybody in government who ever voted for unconstitutional tyranny , anybody in DHS , ATF , and some of the other Fascist organizations .

Actually yes.

What if a person wasn’t voting for tyrany, but voting their conscience? Their beliefs may not mirror yours.

Anybody at ATF, DHS? Does that include the cleaning staff? The clerks? The telephone operators?

What makes your version of right any less tyranical?
Seems to resemble the French Revolution and mob rule.
Seems to resemble a couple of other groups who took offense with certain people.

Its a slippery slope, once you start down it.