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All your points are points that they would do. I think the taking down of the internet will be for years not days.

The government knows for a fact that doing all of these things will not have much of an affect of the redneck hunting good old boys in the south. They do not care about the internet, they know how to hunt of grow there food and find water, and they can live without a job. They are all very well armed and many are military veterans. This is were the government knows that a civil war will happen no matter what they do.

The conservatives in Congress will be arrested for treason. But these moves will start the civil war all over the country and can they really handle all the resistance? Not sure since I believe many in the DHS and other agencies have lied when asked the question that if needed would they shoot Americans. There will be many turn on them.

Turning off the news or TV will be another thing they will do.

One point not made in your opinions is that even tho the left wing public doesn’t like the right they do have a problem with liberties and freedoms taken away since they would lose there freedoms too. So they may have some left at war with them too. If you viewed the video I posted about MSNBC making a point that they are not liking the Obama detention for the uncharged, http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/president-obama-justifies-detention-for-uncharged-americans/

This is were if the left goes to fare to the left the left wingers start having problems, they also do not want the internet and news media turned off and for them to lose there freedoms. The same goes if things go to fare to the right were it becomes a dictatorship. The two sides have this problem. For a very long time we have been in the middle somewhere and many in the middle believe in the constitution and freedoms.

The government will have a hard time knowing who they are at war with that is why I think an EMP or a total internet turn off is there answer and just kill with hunger as many as they can since all will be a problem for them.