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It is not easy to up and leave, and for many, perhaps most, leaving would mean a lower standard of living in material terms. Concerning SA it comes down to whether you believe things will continue to get worse to the point that a true race war will begin, and if so, do you think the white minority will be able to protect themselves. I know it is easy for me to say half a world away, but the US is chock full of immigrants, and most of us here have known a number of them. Some, like freedom, are immigrants themselves. Almost invariably the children of those immigrants are far better off than would been the case had they not come. Some of the immigrants themselves prosper too, but realistically many don’t due to language barriers, lack of education, or inability to acculturate fully. Most white South Africans aren’t going to have those impediments. In the end though each person’s situation is different and everyone must make the choices they think best for themselves and their families. Please know that any of the thoughts I shared on this topic have been out of concern for the future of white South Africans.