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Looks like NYC didn’t get that blizzard after all. The storm tracked east of what they thought. Pretty much an ordinary kind of storm for the Metro NYC area. Southern and Coastal New England, and Eastern Long Island got the blizzard though. I woke up this morning to no new snow at all but about an hour ago it finally started here. The temperature is only 7 degrees so the flakes are very tiny. It’ll take a lot to accumulate much. We’ve been downgraded to a 6 to 11 inch accumulation and I’m betting we’ll only see the low end of the range. For us that’s the kind of storm that nobody would even talk about if there weren’t all the blizzard hype to the south. Still enough to make things postcard pretty though. The snow is very dry too so there shouldn’t be problems with hardpack on the roads. I’ll know soon enough when I head out to a gun rights rally today.