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Leopard, it seems everybody except the US is trying to get their hands on physical gold. Some are just looking to repatriate their own gold that was being held in the US, I think because they suspect it physically isn’t there anymore. You may recall a couple years ago Germany wanted their gold back and for reasons never adequately explained we could only ship small bits back at a time. Where it went is anybody’s guess. People who own gold shares in funds are going to wake up one of these days to learn that there isn’t any physical gold behind those shares. Even much of the physical gold held by banks isn’t likely there anymore. The corruption at the very top of the banking and financial world (not just the US) is one of those hidden threats that few think about. If the choice is to plunge the world into WWIII or be held to account for their malfeasance, I have no doubt but that the Titans of Wall Street, London, and the rest of the financial world will choose war……after they have relocated to their personal safe havens of course.