I do not want my child to experience the horror of war. I would like to know that he is safe and happy -not scared and hungry. We should fight for peace – there must be some way to explain that building things up is better than breaking it down.
Why fight with other Christians – Talking to my friends on this side I sometimes need to tell them “Do not set the time back with 20 years for this conversation. Always look at the here and now before predicting into the future or blaming the past”

Don’t let them play games with your mind (government/ media/ whoever)
Although you are watching your television set, getting all excited when some side are winning in Ukraine – do realise that you are not watching a football game and your side just scored.
Thousand off people are dying – and it is not a game. Or a movie! It is really happening every day and every night. And all of those people are praying for this horror to end. And we should rather pray with them.