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Eleven kids have died of the flu? so far during this flu season. What flu was that? Was it ebola or a new strain of super bird flu. The northern hemisphere is already under nuclear attack from Fukushime. What it will ultimately do to the world’s ecosystem is a dance of death. Mix birds flu pigs and human viruses in the kettle of divirsity and the result is a quickening of evolution. They (the croney government bureaucrats) can’t handle the truth. Its going to dribble out bit by bit for a very long time and eventually a billion people or so will die in a plague and that will be just the beginning. Sickness disease hunger cancer suppressed immune systems are the grim reaper. Terrorism barely registers on the end game list. Nature when aroused is a real killer. Try not to be a casualty of the endless stupidity of the human race. Happy winter solistice. The cauldron is bubbling.