I have eaten my share of Crow and Humble Pie in my day…

About the time you start saying to yourself “Yeah, I’m a bada$$/awesome/the best” is usually about the time when Life/Karma/The Universe lays a smackdown on you.

Daddy, rest his soul, tried to tell me “No matter how bad you think you are, somewhere there’s someone badder than you.”…. of course, me – being the type who has to stick his hand in fire to see if fire is hot – actually had to go out and get pounded a few times before I learned that lesson…

True story: Was in a bar with a couple friends and we saw this little dude being picked on by two big guys (no, it wasn’t us). The little dude just wanted to be left alone. He gets up to go to the Men’s Room and the two big corn-fed guys follow him… couple minutes later, the little dude comes walking back out, alone and all tore up. The corn fed guys didn’t come out at all. Turns out Little Dude was a SFC in 1/10th SF and he just whupped the crap out of those two big ole boys… left them laying in their own fluids on the Men’s Room floor…

Which is why I don’t pick fights with people I don’t know… only a fool picks a fight with an opponent of unknown skill.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1