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As individuals interested in our privacy, we do have choices. We can just say no to the state-run medicine system. (I live in Canada and I have been avoiding using the system for over seven years. My health and the health of my family, has never been better.)

From personal experience, doctors can be really bad for one’s health. I’m very happy to have a doctor deal with trauma such as setting a bone, or dealing with an acute condition… but doctors do a poor job at dealing with chronic conditions. Doctors are confined to the standard of care, even when these standards don’t work. Even though our society worships the medicine profession, doctors often miss diagnosed conditions. Doctors overuse what seems to be their one tool, medications, which can have negative outcomes. These doctor mistakes are formally called iatrogenic causes. It’s hard to get statistics about Iatrogenesis but some say it’s as high as the third cause of death:


I think part of prepping is learning how to take charge of our own mental and physical health and just saying no to most medical care outside trauma events. Hell, you might actually live longer!

I have been working on home remedies for many years now. Here are some of the remedies I make at home and use with my family. As I said before my family’s health has never been better. Our family does eat nourishing traditional foods. These remedies might not work with in your household but it’s a place to start for those interested in taking control of personal mental and physical health: