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why this martial law is soo important ?
because the gov cannot disarm US patriot without any cause
one of the way are using natural disaster like Katrina
but for grand scale ( national scope ), they need some “trigger”
to any martial law to take place
so chicago false flag ( maybe ) the right choice
( and as a “bonus” that trading “fraud” documeny also “vanished” just like in 911 in building 7, also internet will not become their threat )
what are the “sign” ?
first… Rahm Emanuel become mayor of Chicago
so when we see gov official that backup Obama office resign to become mayor or city ?
second… Chicago are practicing “martial law simulation” not just once
third… anybody already know that
yup ISIS just “emerge” in chicago
oh yeah… some ISIS veteran that go back home… that threaten US gov because they see US gov are infidel that against God law
come on … are there no other better “script” or “scenario” ?