Rations like this are good for survival situations where you are not on the ‘run’ and are able to take the time to prepare and cook the meal(s).
Problems occur when you don’t have the time, materials or energy to prepare these into a palatable meal.

More than once I’ve stumbled into camp, figuratively and literally, choked down a can of spaghettio’s or stew without even heating them. No time spent making a fire, soaking anything, etc. I may not be accessing my bodies fats, but I have something in my gut which means I will be able to sleep.

Eating certain foods raw, such as butter or coconut oil/creme, tends to gag many people.
Me, I can’t eat fat. Just can’t do it, never have been able to. Eating coconut paste or butter on their own, same effect.

As to the always recommended beans/legumes.
For some of us, much depends on the preparation.
Refried beans, great stuff, works with many meals and with just a few condiments on it’s own. No problems.
Dried beans, a couple of days of these and Lord help anyone near me, they may not wish to survive.

Much also depends on where you are.
Right now, I could leave butter in my pack outside and only have to worry about critters.
But Freedom down in Florida would have rotting mush in no time.
We have little easily found/eaten vegetation around here, but meat is fairly easy to get. Water is another matter entirely.
Freedom has much easier access to water and plant life, not to mention protein from fish. Sorry to pick on you Freedom but the comparison is easy.

Personally, I’d rather pack along a selection of dehydrated/dried foods such as couscous, potato flakes and such made into impromptu shepherds pie and more ahead of time. Packing along a couple of cans of spaghettio’s and the like means instant food that can be eaten without preparation other than a can opener.

It’s all good information though, but personally I am always amused by all the calorie counting and comparisons with ‘survival’ foods, as though the calorie is the only consideration.
Much like rabbit starvation from the lack of fats, one can have other issues on some survival rations, much depends on the length of the situation.

Good topics again.