What about skills of a soldier? Not only the skills..but the mind – Leopard

I would advise that you find a mentor.

Ask around, and find someone who was a member of 1 or 3 Reconnaissance Commando of the SADF, but from before 1991…

You might know this, you might not… but once De Klerk handed over the country to the ANC, the SA Special Forces (the most effective fighting force SA had) underwent many “restructurings”. No doubt they also underwent various purges, etc, not to mention political indoctrination (as the Recon Commandos were mostly, if not all white and being the most effective fighting force in SA), the ANC didn’t like them much and probably went out of their way to degrade their performance from a position of self-preservation… 1 Recon Commando is what is called a “force multiplier”… that one unit was worth several conventional units combined… and I’m betting the ANC was very afraid of them. It was in their best interest to disband them.

So, find a veteran of 1 Recon Commando. If you don’t know any, I’m sure they have some sort of Benevolent Association or group… contact them and discreetly ask about training. Most, if not all, will probably be glad to help. In fact, get your friends together and make it a group effort… anyone gets curious, well, you’re “just having some old friends over for tea” or something…

You also might want to take up hunting as a “hobby”…. for someone unaccustomed to killing things, the smell of blood and excrement, not to mention seeing the insides of living things on a regular basis, it will help some. It will also teach you how to move in cover, how to stay quiet, shot placement, etc… the skills of a soldier and the skills of a woodsman/hunter are similar. Plus, it’s enjoyable and will help feed you and yours…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1