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One of the truly shocking things for me is that this guy’s family has been in Canada since the mid-1600’s. My mother was French Canadian and being virtually all French Canadians can trace their families back to the 1600’s immigrants, I was able to easily look up the Bibeau’s in my materials. It says a lot about the allure of hate, violence, and intolerance being taught by radical Islam that he would choose jihad over the country his family has called home for roughly 350 years. There is no reasoning with or accommodating of Islam that will bring peace or that will fully bring them into the mainstream of Western culture. Every other religion has been able to do this. Why they choose not to is beyond me. It is perhaps the virtual silence in speaking up for secular govt and freedom of religion for all on the part of so called moderate Islam that speaks volumes. Moderates may not be willing to take up arms but their silence gives tacit approval to those that do.