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KOS, I have a few n95 respirators. I cant find p100(?) I bought saftey googles and face sheilds, gloves and shoe covers from ebay about three months ago just in case. I do have a ‘sleepout’ that is currently a movie room which will be the sick room should a pandemic flu (or any serious shtf scenario) occur. I hope in our rural setting simply staying at home will be enough to keep us as safe as possible. I was very worried about ebola to begin with, but I am not so concerned now , though watching very closely.
Inshala, our gun laws here in Australia I am not to sure about aside from having a license and the gun being stored in a locked box with bullets stored in a seperate locked box. As to defense I can shoot at a target with a bow, but I do not have anything defense wise. A few years ago a local and I were talking about the state of the world and he, being a farmer and in his 60s made mention of his ability to defend his home with fire arms. I told him id visit him and borrow one should the need arise in a shtf senerio. I was joking and he told me if that sort of thing occured I could do just that. To be honest though we do not have a big gun culture here so most people dont feel the need for a gun. I do however believe people should have the right to own one if they desire. I considered getting a shooters license but it is not something I have thought of again since the initial thought crossed my mind. I do know how to make a bow and arrows though and I assume should we ever be in that senario I could use what ever was at hand to protect myself and family, how well remains to be seen.
When it comes to prepping with kids I think of basics and things that would have many uses. I dont go for toys and games though books and colours I have some of. I think with seven kids I’d have enough to carry and worry about in a bug out situation and I keep it minimal.
We camp a lot (and I hate it with kids in normal times) but it has helped me in the past when we have been flooded in for quite a few days with all power and communications down. I pride myself I making do with what I have.
Feel free to ask me any thing you like if I can help I’d be happy too.
Sorry for the long post again guys. It seems I cant reply to the individual comment.