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Going off a bit of a tangent here. I know that the Catskills have many vacation properties owned by Metro NYC folks but I am not familiar with their dispersal. These folks will relocate to those properties should the SHTF and so they are a variable in looking at locations. Most likely they will arrive unprepped and without much in the way of useful skills, and as is often the case with affluent people, feeling entitled to having their needs fulfilled because they can write checks to make it happen. VT is chock full of 2nd homes owned primarily by folks from Metro NYC/NJ/CT. MA folks tend to have 2nd homes in NH & ME rather than VT. 2nd homes in VT tend to congregate in ski resort communities, on lakes, and in a few affluent small town enclaves. When I was looking for property I thus avoided ski resort communities, lakes and those affluent enclaves. 2nd homes will be found almost anywhere however. There is one owned by a NJ family about a mile up the road from me. Haven’t met them yet as they are hardly ever there. There is another owned by a guy from CT on the other side of the mountain that I have to pass by in order to go into town. He is there almost every weekend and often has other out-of-state visitors. Haven’t met him either. I don’t see any signs of either being preppers such as I was when I came here.

Edited to add that recently a couple from CT bought a place just up the road from me. This is a 3rd or 4th home for them (winter at home in FL, summer at a lake house in NH, and I’m not sure if they still have the CT house). My neighbor has been doing a lot of property and house renovation for them and so I’ve been getting the scoop. They will be useful in a SHTF scenario being she is a medical doctor (but earns her living as an author). They as well seem very down to earth and have had my neighbors (who live in a trailer) up for dinner and invited them to visit in FL. I am intrigued as to why they bought that place in this location as it doesn’t fit the normal vacation home stereotype. When they are in town again I will drop by with a loaf of bread to say welcome, but that may not be until next year as they’re traveling out of the country now and will then go to FL for the winter. You can’t see their property from the road but I’ve been up there when my neighbor was working and can see it being used as a bug out location.