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Ghost thank you, for the welcome.
I’m not a native Texan, actually i’m from CA. Laguna Beach, born and raised. But don’t loose faith in me just yet. i was born and raised by the daughter of a Marine 1st Sgt. and a Canadian who couldn’t wait to become an American. Not once did he associate himself with being Canadian, but always as an American. We flew old glory 365. I was very lucky to be raised how, when and where i did. CA is a different place then it was in the 70’s and 80’s. My wife is from Houston and after i sold my restaurant in Palm Springs i wanted OUT of that Liberal cesspool. Unfortunate as i l love the ocean and mountains of CA but the people, taxes and unconstitutional laws are too much to bare. BTW Patton is one of my favorite historical figures. One of the last realists, who wasn’t afraid to speak out about the TRUTH of a people and the dangers associated with ignoring those truths for political gain, or any other reason. I’m glad to meet you and am glad that we have another willing to fight on the side of liberty. Thank you