<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Ghost Prime wrote:</div>Whirlibird, I like your common sense approach. It has been my experience that getting even hard core “conservatives” to start thinking like a prepper, when they have not yet reached the conclusion we here have that it is essential, is very difficult if not impossible. So again, your approach about disaster preparedness makes a lot of sense.<br>
I do have a question about weapons as it is so very important when the SHTF. I too see many people getting interested in buying a weapon which is a good thing. I have also assisted a trainer at a range to help people learn how to load, hold, and fire their weapon. My question is this. I still see people who buy weapons but who, once they buy them, put them in a safe or other location and do not train with them. In my experience, just the ability to fix a jammed case could mean the difference between life and death. So how do you get these people to understand that the skills necessary to turn that weapon from nothing more than a club into a high powered defense tool are critical if they intend to survive?

Well, for one thing, I put on an inexpensive one day ccw/defense class.
I also spend too many hours talking with people. Getting them to relate to what you are teaching is imperative. Put the information into a context they can understand.

$20 in dummy ammo goes a long way. I slip a couple into the mag while helping them load the gun. Suddenly they have to figure it out themselves, or at least listen to get the best results.