<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>WhiteKnight, Make sure you have all the prepping needed for this. If it were to happen we may have to stay in our homes for 4 to6 months or till the all clear.

How long is 50 hours?
What’s the incubation period? Days? Weeks? 2 to 21 days before signs are showing.

First, shut the borders, completely.
Secondly, ground all aircraft for 3 days minimum while they’re all decomtaminated. Every foreign flight is decontaminated and held the lifetime of the virus on its own plus three days. All passengers are quarantined the full incubation perion plus a week at their own expense. They want in, they’re gonna pay. No exceptions, diplomat or rich guy doesn’t matter. And they’re gonna be tested on their dime also.

Next have everyone sanitize their house with bleach water.
Making sure peopke understand that too much bleach is just as bad as too little and doesn’t kill the bugs.

Everyone except essential persons is quarantined at home for a week. Police and fire are only rolling on dire emergencies. Hospitals and other care facilities are locked in. You go in, you aren’t coming out until the all clear.

Military personnel out of the country? A month at Guantanamo Bay on the way back. Enjoy the beach ladies and gents.

Within a month, we would know if anyone here is exposed/contagious and could go from there. After that, its controling who comes in.

Anyone caught entering illegally or without quarantine is a health risk to everyone and should be treated as such. Anyone illegally entering who’s exposed is a potential mass murderer and will be dealt with accordingly.

Ya, its got holes but for a quicky answer and a place to start, it could be worse.