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Maybe I’m just me getting jumpy over the many trouble spots around the world, or perhaps its just that its turned cold (1st frost forecast for tonight) and I’m reminded that winter is coming but I am trying to get as many things done now because I can do it now, and to be very current on all maintenance items. Today we had both vehicles serviced, including putting new tires on my wife’s car. I got the septic tank emptied today even though I know I could have waited until next year. I made arrangements for a very large tree to be taken down in my front yard. It’s half dead and could have waited another year or more perhaps but its way too big for me to take down and so I figured just do it before it comes down in a storm in a way that would be problematic. I have enough wood for this coming winter but I am waiting on the delivery of wood for the following year. I recently bought lots of gardening supplies, enough for a couple years I think. I even washed the windows this past week so as to have them letting in maximum sunshine as we go into winter. On the 1st I have my annual eye appt. and will buy a new pair of glasses. A couple days ago I had a trench dug along the wood line to catch and divert water coming off the mountain so as to keep it out of my garden. It was too wet this past spring. He’ll be back next week to rototill and regrade the garden space for me. This is a 1/4 acre spot. I ordered a sun shade for the greenhouse today. I’m waiting on a guy to come do some chimney repairs for me on both chimneys and another guy to install some replacement snow stops on the roof.