Yes… unfortunately. What I see as the main problem is the problem of ghetto culture and generations of people who didnt get raised properly. If your mother can’t sort out her own life, your father isnt there anyway or he doesn’t care and you are surrounded by a very dysfunctional society it is very hard to pull yourself out of this.

You also grow up with the victim mentality and the us vs them mindset. No surprise you are going to have problems integrating into society. You also only get respect if you are “cool” which means do stupid things most of the time and act like an idiot.

I recently saw a survey with teachers how the kids changed over the last 20 years. Everyone agreed that parents just dont care enough for them anymore and expect the school system to raise their kids. This is impossible of course but nothing is done about it.

Just like companies, governments are all about the immediate future and what makes them look good in 3-4 years for the next election. Thats why our system is such a failure. You can’t address these fundamental underlying problems if you are an attention seeker who wants to be the popular guy for the next election. If you do what it takes and people get uncomfortable they elect the opposition and they have to promise to crush all the efforts for fundamental change. That’s why nobody is even trying it anymore.

I have respect for people who at least try to wake up and see things clearly but yeah… many people are so simple minded they cant or dont want to see the big picture. Humans… can’t expect much. That’s why I prepare :)

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")