In the last three weeks its been close. I’ve got a dashboard camera and had a look at dates and times on it. There was a bus accident where 10 people died..I passed that road 2 minutes before the accident. I’ve put in petrol (gas) at a Gas station that got robbed an hour later. And arrived at a shopping center an half an hour after it was robbed one morning. One person shot. Yesterday my car made a funny sound as I drove past a very very bad area next to the freeway. I kept on driving to the next gas station. It was a piece of rubber that got picked up and somehow got stuck. What a relief.

Tweva, I am working on it. Most of my close family have left many years ago. Some of my friends that is still here busy selling everything. People under 35 years get employment easier. And then I’ve still got my mother that I will not be able to leave behind…