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Thanks for the clarification Tolik. Were there to be a Civil War II, I don’t see it as North/South or even Red State/Blue State being desi8gnated a Red State versus a Blue State is often a fairly small margin in elections. If for example 45% of the folks in a State vote Red, the 55% that vote Blue are hardly going to have the kind of support they need to wage war. The real divide in the country is more urban/suburban vs small town/rural, and sadly O, Holder, Al, & Jesse have done their best to create a growing black/white divide. Think Colorado. They are a Blue State only because Metro Denver votes blue. The rest of the State is conservative. Those conservative communities are not going to send their sons and daughters to fight Denver’s war. In this great divide, the urban aspect can perhaps be better defined as being govt. being urban folks are much more oriented towards govt. control. If that can be accepted as a better definition, then what we’re talking about come Civil War II is more akin to the Revolutionary War where a segment of the population rose up against the established govt than it is akin to the Civil War. So, that’s a long way of saying instead of thinking of yourself as a Confederate, think Minuteman or Patriot.