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feral hobbit, so you crave control? I don’t, none in my large family don’t, not one in my block don’t. I am not sure where you are getting these stats of facts from. Tyranny will have chaos, shootings riots, civil unrest, and the SHTF times will happen.

I hear your example posted before but have not seen it. No where in the world where tyranny has the people sit there and let it happen. Also where have there ever been entertainment and leisure were there is tyranny? What country example can you give me. There is none. The two do not go together.

So what you are saying has not happen before. Control of the people means no entertainment. History will show you that ever tyranny has total control of TV, Radio, and all will change there entertainment to government shows that suck a big one. The people will rebel.

The word of any tyranny against it’s people will spread like fire, many will fight back which will give many others the will to do the same. I agree that many just will not do much but if out of 100 million gun owners only 5% fight back it is over for the tyranny. They can’t win against 5 million gun owners fighting back.

The only way is for gun control! These is why they want it so bad. No other way for them to win.

You only need to look at history, we have the best weapons in the world but can’t win these wars we have been in the last ten years. So the government would have a very hard time controlling everyone.

It will be a new civil war.