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save buy a good knife..60-100 unless you can find at garage sale

go to thrift shops/garage sales swap meets and have a list of items you need by priority then go about getting them

get candles the cheap devotional ones. in glass tubes. dont like the label soak it off.

go to community center free learning sessions there is some decent stuff if you are starting.

volunteer for things in your community, with limited finances knowing your neighbor prior to this is a big help here we have volunteer fire dept gets all your first aid for free. reserve army units for rifle equipment training, communications training and more. though this might not be so good for USA people.

purify and store water get good glass containers form thrift shop. save the $5 dollars for a month buy a big bag of rice and divide into containers. same goes with other foods.

get a utilities key that city uses they are about 15 at a locksmith when you find right one.

start looking at gear sales at outdoors stores now never know what you can find for sale cheap if box is missing damaged.