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Hello again Novus!

I’ve read some of Tweva’s comments, and she seems like an incredibly intelligent woman (along with everyone I’ve seen posting so far, which is wonderful). I’ve seen the wilder conspiracy theories lately, but in real life we have to deal with all types of people and their personal ideas, so I can simply ignore it if gets a little too “out there” for me. Keeping the respect while learning is what we’re all here for.

I think you are absolutely right about people waking up. I’ve wondered if possibly the Blackout was too easy on the people I had at my apartment, and subsequently it wasn’t real to them because they felt like I was taking care of them. The responsibility I felt toward these people might have made ME prepare, but to them it was probably like a little adventure. I have been putting together an account of what happened to share with the group. In NO way is it a survival story, and should probably be titled something like “An idiot that lucked out”, but I’m proud that I learned from what happened. To someone like Selco (or any of the other more experienced people here) it will probably seem pretty silly, but it might also offer a bit of insight into the minds of people out there who aren’t at all ready if something DOES happen.

I understand completely how you feel about neighbors, and I’m hoping that my clumsy steps toward permaculture will open a few more conversations as well: we recently had to dig up a large portion of our front yard to replace an old sewer pipe, and instead of replanting useless grass I’m starting a new garden. Curious neighbors have been walking over to ask about it (and the work we had done on the line), and they are really interested in the idea. Or maybe they’re hoping I’ll give them excess produce, who can say? :)

Hope you are having a great Thursday!