.Mary Speaks in Ecuador- July 31 2014 (note the ref. to the great plague……Ebola?)

I am suffering unspeakably because of this generation who is possessed by evil-My children kill each other and display the bodies of their brothers as war trophies!
Satan has poured out his hatred on men and you double and triple his joy by killing- by your thirst for the blood of your brothers.
Satan’s objective in these end times is the destruction of man and HE HAS GOTTEN MAN TO DO THIS WORK FOR HIM.
I have told humanity the desires of the HOLY SPIRIT many times, but you have forgotten and dismissed it. And now, all that was requested on behalf of the Holy Trinity and denied, will be turned against humanity.
As you see the horror in the Middle East and Africa and China from afar, realize that satan’s tentacles are spreading this hatred to other Nations too. Look with astonishment at how the creature is becoming hard of hard and filled with hatred of his brothers and see how he is capable of reaching the unimaginable.
Unimaginable pain is raised up around the world, while the big politicians of the Great Powers meet to discuss their economies of their nations, leaving aside human life, which is the most sacred…because for them man represents economy and not charity and love and forgiveness. Man is not recognized as a temple of the Holy Spirit but as a tool of the great and powerful to carry out fatal plans.
I suffer for the innocent victims of terrorism
-woman raped and tortured, -girls and children abused and wiped off the face of the Earth

The horror will grow and man will not hesitate to use weapons. In Babel- man struggled to build a tower to reach God-at this time- you are struggling more and more towards satan’s kingdom!
I call on all of you to PRAY – receive My Son in the Eucharist and UNITE IN A JOINT ACTION of prayer to raise your voices and end injustice!

The Church of My Son should be speaking strongly against these injustices! It is silent on the indignities to which the innocent are subjected! Human respect is deferred to in fear of interfering with relations of Powerful Nations. The Church of My Son MUST ACT IN LIKENESS TO MY SON and call everything by name.
My Son gave His Blood on the Cross for all mankind, and in this moment mankind thirsts for the blood of the innocents to please satan!
Satan launches against women, because he knows that by a Woman, by this Mother, he will be defeated again and chained in the abyss for a thousand years and more. But before this happens, the Church of My Son must understand that My Son has delegated to it- that IT should be the Messenger of Love.
Sadly, I watch how some debate against each other, criticizing each other, and using technology to deny My Word- losing precious time- which is GOLDEN-without calling all to UNITY.
Man is already living all that has been announced- it has started- just not widespread yet. The great plague will expand to Europe and will result in mankind becoming even angrier.
A mother always desires mercy for her children, but seeing so many that do not respond to My Calls, I must ask My Son to descend with His Justice so that it stops the massacres, continually piercing My Heart.

Pray for the Middle East.
Pray for America, which is the dam of terrorism itself.
Pray for Japan.

DO NOT DISMISS MY CALLS. Multiply My Sons Love. LOVE for those who do not love. Believe for those who do not believe. I know my Army is small, My Army of souls of love. But you are United to St Michael the Archangel and the Heavenly Choirs. In the end, man will deliver the Earth to his Creator.
DO NOT BE DECIEVED. My loved ones MUST MAINTAIN and keep in prayer- raising your voice on behalf of My Son and this Mother, suffering and mourning. I love you and bless you continually, but you must be aware that My Son is Mercy AND Justice.

Ave Maria Pure, Conceived without sin
Ave Maria Pure, Conceived without sin
Ave Maria Pure, Conceived without sin