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another possibility that i can think of
( because my family cannot move to rural … yet )
are bug in city until the sign of “societal collapse” or “war” or “riot that going worse” emerge
( thanks to Selco who mentioning few “sign” and his perspective )
when few sign are fulfilled, then we pack as minimum as we can carry ( doc, cash, precisious item / liquid asset, much water, food, few gear that compact but have multiple function, few clothes )
and goes straight to our relatives in rural area
this type of “evacuating” our family in case of SHTF or the riot get worse or war, etc
are more “easier” than convincing entire family
to sell entire asset in city and goes to the village
sometimes we cannot just sell house that we live in and buy new one in rural
because other’s family have “share” in it ( inheritance )
or it’s our parent’s house
or maybe because we still have debt attach to it ( we buy house by debt )
this plan are works if the sign has occur but the actual event are in the beginning phase.
so reading “sign” and “timing” are important
another aspect are “evacuation place” can reach in maximum 3 hour road trip ( not more than 60-80 km )
no other city we must pass
or other dangerous place ( military facility, interstate road, etc )
pick countryside or at least suburban road
( avoid dense population area )
if any local police or security pass, we just tell that we want to visit our aunt or grandma in other village.
in this case we also make a permission to pass
( with our wife and kids or few relatives, are easier to convince authority… than say 5 man with full gear in the same car )