Definitely interesting. I’d put it more a “Grid Failure” issue than just an EMP attack. As there are a number of means a terrorist organization could disrupt and corrupt the grid.

Hmm, same page link to notorious doomsday cults and prophesies….

On one particular page:


James Rawles and the Survivalists

Somewhat outside the realm of religious prophets are survivalists, who are convinced doom is certain, imminent, and that they must be prepared. Dominating the survivalist underground blogosphere as editor of http://www.survivalblog.com is James Rawles, who also wrote “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It” — presumably holed up on a remote farm in what he calls the “hinter boonies.”
Rawles’ version of impending doom involves a vaguely defined socio-economic collapse caused initially by a power grid failure. “[The power grid] is the real linchpin of society. It fuels our economy, and controls all automatic-ordering systems. Without it, our economy would just shut down. In winter, you’d see a mass out-migration from cities as refugees flood the countryside.”

So, how do survivalists prepare? Rawles says any “prepper worth his salt” has a self-sufficient retreat replete with stored firewood or coal, with years worth of food stores. The serious ones have their own gardens and livestock. “It’s important to be well-armed, and take advanced medical training.”

Yet for Rawles and his followers, preparing for the worst is a lifestyle. He adds, proudly: “Just today I was out in my barn getting ready for the delivery of a new dairy cow.”