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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>True enough, but note that the likely event is a local one, not national. The TEOTWAWKI most preppers seem hell-bent on is not a religious dogma. Usually, what we have is a flood or earthquake or hurricane in one relatively small area. Have you asked yourself why people insist on it being TEOTWAWKI? Statistically, and within your own life experience and mine, it is the least likely situation. So why prepare for the least likely?

At this moment, the one thing that would cause national catastrophe is World War III Unfortunately, it is a real possibility because the U.S. Government is pushing with all its might to achieve it. But, if it does, there will be no place to go anyway, so why go? No matter where radiation gets us, we shall die, so why not die at home? ; Anselm:

You’re pretty much all over the map.

“The choice is yours. I respect your right to choose differently from me. I only suggest to you that you make your choice because it really is yours, not because it is someone else’s idea of what is good for you” Anselm

Lets just leave it at that.

Not at all, 74.

I’m saying that for the only possibility of general war, no preparation serves any purpose and that, short of that, you are better off staying at home than putting yourself at risk on the road.