Taking down the ‘grid isn’t as hard as many would believe.

A hundred committed saboteurs with small caliber rifles and nondescript cars would make a mess of the world.
How hard would it be to come up with 100 people with a mad on against the US?

Look at it this way, 3am eastern time comes.
The cars are ready and sitting under a power pole transformer each.
At the same time they punch 2 holes in the transformers, one high, one low and drive off.
5-10 minutes later the same thing happens. Within an hour, that’s 600 transformers.
With prior planning starting in the right places, one could easily cut off great sections of the US and keep slicing off chunks every few minutes.

By 8am (EST), when everyone wakes and finds the power off over most of the country, that’s 3000+ transformers.
And that’s just one night.

There aren’t that many replacements out there to get everything running again.

Now look at the distribution stations, they hit these at the same time as they pass by, even more are effected.

Because of the time frame, the fact that it would take a while for the transformers to drain and fail, the shooters would easily get away without notice most places.

How would people react to this? Waking up and finding the power gone.
Especially across the country.
Time it right, during a cold snap or heat wave, the problem quickly becomes compounded.

WWIII isn’t needed, a country would tear itself apart on it’s own at that point.