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“Commissioner Evans” looks like one of those Beta types that got picked on in High School so badly, he joined the police in an effort to artificially gain the power and respect he was denied by nature. I remember these shitbags… petty little whiny Beta *******…

“Everyone picked on me, so I’m gonna get a badge and dish out payback to everyone for the rest of my life”… the definition of an ******* cop.

Fucking weasel, he now hides behind a badge and uses his artificial “power” to tell citizens what they should be allowed to own or not own. He can pile all the phony-baloney stars and decorations he wants in an effort to puff himself up… him and that cereal-bowl chest he’s probably got. Beaky Buzzard there can make his uniform look like a Christmas tree, but it won’t change what he is – a butt-ugly petty little Beta weasel who thinks his position as a PUBLIC SERVANT gives him the right to suspend the supreme law of the land…

EDIT: This guy reminds me of that middle-management dickhead NOLA cop that said “Nobody is allowed to have guns but the cops” right after Katrina hit New Orleans… just set off a whole chain of very bad events, pitted citizens against cops and military, completely unconstitutional, etc… of course, to the über-rich who could afford “private security” like the Blackwater mercs that ended up down there, such pronouncements didn’t matter… Blackwater was running around with military grade hardware while the citizens were suckin’ it…

Malgus you writing is so eloquent, one of the many reasons I so enjoy your posts and replies!!!