Um, I’m sorry but it’s poor show to mock a person for how he looks, no matter what we might think of his politics. I had too much of this in school and it lost me my sweet girlish laughter, so I sorta react to it. Sorry. – eli

His politics?

That goon is a tin-star statist thug. A miniature little hatchet-faced nazi lickspittle who would likely be more than willing to throw you and yours onto a cattle car and off to a FEMA camp for “re-education”.

Boston has turned into a real-life version of Thunderdome, and this maniacal little power-hungry dirtbag presumes to tell those who have to survive there – no thanks to the pukes who are supposed to keep them “safe” – what they “need” or “don’t need”… in effect, he’s presuming to nullify the Constitution based on his personal say-so. The nerve, the GALL of this piece of ****! Everyone here saw what happened after those two douchbags set off their little Wile E. Coyote cherry bomb at the marathon – Douchebag Evans had his goons go door-to-door and just **** all over the Constitution.

That’s hardly “politics”… He deserves to have as much ridicule and verbal abuse heaped on him as humanly possible. I’ve encountered these little shitheaps my whole life and they deserved to be opposed whenever and wherever they are found…

And I’m also “sorry”, but I’m not limiting my ridicule to just his “politics”….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1